FraudScore: evaluations by advertisers, ad networks & agencies

What better way to learn about a software than to ask its users? We’ve gathered a list of the most valued features and qualities of FraudScore’s antifraud solution mentioned by our clients:

Traffic quality optimization

Traffic quality optimization means eliminating and detecting ad fraud. Clients of FraudScore give a very high score to our platform’s features about detecting ad fraud, eliminating it, and reporting about detected bad traffic.

Here are some key quotes from our users about traffic quality optimization with FraudScore:

  • “We highly value the variety of fraud report formats available on the platform!”
  • “Convenient reports with a wide set of filters, so you can generate different types of reports showing you the traffic quality in different contexts. This helped us to find lots of cheaters and poor quality affiliates”
  • “Interface is very intuitive and offers infinite possibilities in terms of filtering and digging into data”
  • “Fraud traffic has been almost reduced to zero. FS helps to avoid unnecessary risks and to cut off the fraud at the very beginning”

These companies use FraudScore’s Action for conversion scoring. The report gives more than 150+ slices to drill down the data and build fraud cases. There are also ratings of the most fraudulent sources and partners, distribution charts of detected ad fraud by main global geos, and assigned fraud score for every conversion, event, partner, source, offer etc:

  • “We must possess reliable arguments to explain the rejection of conversions”
  • “The most valuable information is fraud reason and detailed comments on fraud type”

Extended fraud reasons — is a special type of report in FraudScore that shows detailed information about particular detected ad fraud types for every conversion.

This report gives a unique opportunity to dig into the general detected fraud categories (click spam, IP anomalies, proxy traffic etc) together with specific details about detected violations — types of TTI violations, types of detected proxy, incentive traffic, different kinds of browser fraud, etc.

  • “FraudScore has easy to handle and fast APIs which permitted us to integrate fraud analysis findings into our own dashboards”
  • “Integration seamless and user friendly”

FraudScore offers various types of integration for new clients — JavaScript tag, PostBacks and ready-made integrations with all top ad platforms on the market (Adjust, AppMetrica, AppsFlyer, Affise, HasOffers etc). And using Data API there are options to integrate FraudScore’s reports into the client’s dashboard, and save a lot of resources of traffic managers on working in two systems at once.

User-friendly interfaces & convenience for every-day use

  • FraudScore offers us check ups for both mobile and desktop in one solution”
  • “Not only FraudScore monitors desktop traffic, but also tracks and accurately reports on mobile traffic in relation to Emulators, VPN’s, Bot farms and IP pattern recognition. It allows us to make informed decisions when reviewing assigned affiliate caps and encouraging more traffic”

FraudScore works with both mobile and web traffic. The system gives an opportunity to have all your traffic and ad campaigns checked in one place. Moreover, the interface can be customized so that you clearly see campaigns from web, and campaigns from mobile.

  • “The convenience of using and navigating the interfaces is remarkable: the design of the system is not only eye-pleasing, but more importantly — all data is displayed transparently and clearly.”
  • “User interface allows us to interpret the data correctly”
  • “With FraudScore we can check several goals at a time, in one tool. It’s super convenient and saves a lot of time”

FraudScore’s interfaces are aimed to help traffic managers, advertisers, and campaign managers to fulfill their everyday tasks. At FraudScore we know how hard it is to learn a new tool if you’ve never worked with it. So our reports and dashboards are made for non-fraud specialists to be able to read, understand and interpret traffic quality data in seconds.

Optimization of time that my employees spend on traffic quality control, gathering proof and cases, and negotiations with partners

  • “SmartReject is one of the key functions of FraudScore for us — it saves my team a ton of time, we know that the solution clears out fraud and we can do our job while our traffic is automatically checked”
  • “FraudScore speeds up the process of preparing for negotiations and arguments by at least a day, and it lessens the tension between the partners”
  • “The system of reports in FraudScore allows us to build a case against fraud in 10 minutes. It used to take about two hours at least, and now we are ready to prove our point in minutes”
  • “FraudScore saves us time. It gives an opportunity to get a notification every time fraud is detected in different traffic segments. We don’t need to monitor our reports constantly, we get the notification when the situation requires some attention”

FraudScore’s reports and dashboards for traffic quality are specifically developed to help users understand detected ad fraud — its sources, scale, severity and depth. FraudScore gives a vivid picture about detected ad fraud types and categories, and provides steps to drill down the data to observe each and every fraudulent impression, click, conversion or event.

  • Helps to avoid unnecessary risks and to cut off the fraud at the very beginning”
  • “Allows us in real-time to make the right decisions as it relates to”

Smart.Reject and Safe.Click are special solutions developed by FraudScore for conversions and click traffic quality control.

SmartReject is a tool that analyzes the quality of pending conversions inside your marketing platform, and can reject or approve them according to the quality.

SafeClick works with click traffic in real time. It checks if the click is fraudulent or genuine, and based on the click quality sends it either to the target URL or redirects it to the fallback URL. The fraudulent clicks get cleared from the traffic, and the legitimate ones are passed on.

Good & responsive tech support & Top expertise and knowledge about ad fraud

  • “We have a lot of SaaS providers. FraudScore’s has the most effective support. Very reactive to our requests”
  • “Team is very receptive to users’ feedback and continuously introduces improvements to their product

FraudScore is proud to receive feedback like that. Our team of antifraud heroes dedicates all their time to assisting the clients, and helping them build ad fraud cases. Moreover, FraudScore’s antifraud is the only solution that we are working on, so all our human and tech resources are focused on improving the product.

Event analysis & ad fraud reports

  • “We use FraudScore for event analysis. It’s a reliable tool, and it gives an opportunity to drill down to every slice and shows the fraud score for each event”
  • “FraudScore gives us control over post-install events, and we are now protected from events that came from click spamming”

One of the trickiest parts in affiliate marketing and traffic control is event analysis. The most expensive and lucrative types of campaigns that attract fraudsters are connected with events and conversions. So FraudScore provides detailed control of all the stages of ad funnel including extensive event reports:

Suitable to be used by both my team and my partners

  • “FraudScore is kind of a “gold standard” in the traffic quality control for both advertisers and webmasters — FraudScore reports are accepted and trusted by all parties”
  • “FraudScore’s Extended fraud reasons report assists us in explaining to the affiliate why we considered certain conversions as fraudulent and would not accept them. The arguments are strong and always supported by real data

When it comes to traffic disputes and negotiations — each part must be respectful to one another, and, of course, have solid arguments. FraudScore is an independent antifraud solution — we are a third-party solution provider. It means that the company doesn’t take anyone’s side when it comes to traffic quality. We report on every detected ad fraud issue and show the real picture with bad and good traffic.

FraudScore was founded in 2016 — and since then our reports have become a standard for our clients in traffic quality cases. The reports are both authentic in terms of detected ad fraud and reasons, and solid to prove the point and protect campaigns.

FraudScore’s solutions are developed to assist other companies in fulfilling their business tasks every day. We aim to help and support our clients when it comes to ad fraud — as we know that fighting a war with fraud is a hard task, and not every company can afford having a special department or team to strike the fraudsters back.

There is a free 14-day trial of FraudScore available to all first-time customers. We highly recommend using it to try FraudScore and its solutions, and to compare it with other antifraud platforms. The comparison will show how important it is to have a non-binary approach to traffic evaluation, together with comprehensive reports and scalable dashboards. Feel free to contact the FraudScore team for a free trial, or ask your questions about our solutions.

  • Recomiendo usar FraudScore. Esta solución antifraude nos ayuda a evitar riesgos innecesarios y a eliminar el fraude desde el principio. ¡Bien hecho chicos!
    Olga Saburova, Gerente de Cuents, MobioNetwork
  • Hay muchos manuales sobre cómo ganar dinero a través de internet. La mayoría de ellos te cuentan cómo hacer instalaciones de móvil fraudulentas. Tan pronto como aparece un nuevo ""manual"", vemos picos de tráfico de baja calidad. Pero según comenzamos a usar el servicio de FraudScore, eliminamos a los gerentes que estaban trabajando en verificar la calidad del tráfico. Usando su informe con un conjunto de filtros, podemos generar diferentes tipos de dosieres que nos muestran la calidad del tráfico en diferentes contextos. Esto nos ha ayudado mucho a encontrar muchos estafadores y afiliados de mala calidad.
    Nickolay, Director general,
  • CPA Affiliates Network ha estado utilizando Fraudscore como nuestro principal sistema de análisis y monitoreo de fraude durante los últimos años. Como red de CPA con muchas ofertas de clientes potenciales, es de mucha importancia para nosotros que podamos identificar rápida y fácilmente el tráfico sospechoso y eliminar afiliados específicos según sea necesario para reducir los incidentes de fraude y mejorar la calidad general de los clientes potenciales para nuestros socios publicitarios. La interfaz de FraudScore es fácil de usar y ofrece múltiples opciones de análisis granular que nos permiten detectar y eliminar fácilmente el tráfico de fraude probable. Recomendamos FraudScore como una solución viable para la red y los anunciantes que deseen ver un análisis de conversión en tiempo real para ayudar a impulsar un tráfico de mejor calidad.
    Darren Williamson, Director gerente, CAN
  • FraudScore tiene APIs rápidas y fáciles de manejar. Esto nos ha permitido integrar el análisis de fraude en nuestros propios paneles de control. Su propia interfaz es muy intuitiva y ofrece infinitas posibilidades en términos de filtrado y búsqueda de datos. El equipo de FraudSsore es muy receptivo a los comentarios de sus usuarios e introduce continuamente mejoras en su producto.
    Luis Barrague, Director de operaciones, Headway Digital
  • Durante más de dos años de trabajo con tráfico móvil, hemos probado muchos de los servicios antifraude que el mercado ofrece. Por tanto, podemos decir con confianza que la solución que realmente merece la pena es FraudScore. Tecnología sólida, interfaz conveniente y el soporte más eficiente: ¡todo eso y más es FraudScore! Desde que comenzamos a colaborar con ellos, el volumen de tráfico de Zorka Network se ha reducido prácticamente a cero.
    Oleg Gorelik, Director de afiliados, Zorka.Network
  • Fraudscore ha sido nuestra primera línea de defensa contra el tráfico cuestionable. A medida que el panorama de la publicidad digital móvil se expande continuamente, se vuelve complejo en lo que se refiere a la medición de la atribución del usuario. La necesidad de datos precisos nunca ha sido más importante para el éxito de nuestro negocio y los esfuerzos de marketing de nuestros clientes. Los ingenieros de FraudScore hicieron que la integración fuera perfecta y fácil de usar. La interfaz de usuario nos permite interpretar los datos correctamente y en tiempo real para tomar las decisiones correctas en lo que se refiere a proteger la integridad de la marca de nuestros clientes. Recomiendo ampliamente sus servicios.
    Moufid Al-Joundi, Curate Mobile
  • En Brisk Ads tomamos medidas drásticas para combatir el fraude y, con la ayuda de FraudScore, podemos detectar y eliminar cualquier tráfico sospechoso. Con los informes detallados proporcionados, podemos identificar cualquier fuente cuestionable; asegurándonos de que nuestros clientes solo paguen por usuarios legítimos y rentables.
    Omar Mostafa, Brisk Ads

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